I am an artist specialising in linocut printmaking.

The main focus of my prints is the landscape of the Downs in West Sussex and views around Worthing, where I live. I love walking on the beach and in the countryside and translating what I see into my artworks – either the blue of the sea and the sky or into my complicated many-layered and multicoloured reduction linocut prints.

All my prints are original handmade linocuts, made with real ink, on real paper, on a real press by me. Each print is unique because it is entirely made by hand.

I have taken part in exhibitions in local galleries and have work for sale in local shops, and I’ve taken part in Worthing Artists Open Houses for many years.

I also do fabric printing with linocut blocks, acid etching and pottery. In fact I have rediscovered ceramics, which is a return to an artform I originally took up in the 1970’s with Joan Bowles, studio potter. More recently I have started ceramics again with Tamar Rose at her Old Timbers studio in Steyning, making porcelain paper clay vases which are impressed with real plants and coloured with cobalt oxide.

All about linocutting – here’s a YouTube video of me, originally made during March 2021 as part of an exhibition ‘Drive to Create’ at Colonnade House in Worthing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu3jqDidPBY